A stunning debut with all the feels, THE MINUSCULE MANSION OF MYRA MALONE binds together three timelines and two lonely souls—Myra and Alex. Myra is in Phoenix; Alex is in Virginia. They’ve never met.

Alex lives in an old mansion that has many names, including the Witch’s House. Myra is a recluse who inherited a minuscule mansion after her beloved step-grandmother died in an accident that scarred Myra physically and emotionally.

Decorating and renovating the mansion, which she refuses to call a dollhouse, is her life. Her work helps her make sense of and manage a world she chooses to hide from. Egged on by her best friend, however, she shares her journey on a popular blog. What thousands of fans don’t know is that the mansion has secrets.

Myra can spend weeks renovating a room. After crafting every piece of furniture from wood and sewing every piece of fabric by hand, she will wake up to discover the room has disappeared. But she believes those rooms exist somewhere else, where another person can feel the love she poured into their creation.

As some rooms vanish, others appear, and piano music plays. One day, a trashed room reveals an outpouring of anger.

Several states away, Alex, heir to a furnishing empire, has reluctantly returned home to help his aging father run the family business. They have never enjoyed a good relationship, and Alex feels adrift.

Everything changes when a customer introduces him to the blog. Myra’s photographs reveal his quirky turret bedroom in miniature. Every detail is an exact replica. He also hears piano music and senses secrets buried within the house. Desperate to connect with the mysterious woman behind the blog, he emails her, and a unique conversation begins.

What follows is an intriguing tale of a haunted family, old magic, redemption and refuge, loss and love.

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