IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS by Therese Anne Fowler

I’ve been a fan of Therese’s work since her debut, SOUVENIR, and this might be my favorite of her novels. Bighearted and full of love, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THIS has an idyllic setting, characters you want to share a bottle of wine with—or hug—and a contemporary Jane Austen vibe.

It’s funny, delightful, and enchanting: a feel-good family tale that captivates from the first page.

As the Geller sisters process the news of their mother’s death and the implications of her final wishes, they begin to rethink their own lives: successful on the outside; broken on the inside.

I was instantly drawn into the world of Beck, Claire, and Sophie and the dynamics of their interactions. Grief has the power to pull them close again, but could it also tear them apart? When their mother, Marti, makes a shocking revelation in her farewell video, the family house of cards begins to fall, because each of them has a well-guarded secret.

However, it was three male characters—seemingly on the periphery of events—who stole my heart. Paul, Beck’s husband, is an editor and devoted grandfather with his own devastating secret. And then there’s an unlikely pair: C.J. Reynolds, the enigmatic artist who wants to buy the Geller’s summer cottage, and the young orphan boy her befriends: Arlo.

The last third of the book is impossible to put down as the characters gradually reveal their truths with unflinching honestly. One by one they summon the courage to make bold decisions that will change the direction of their lives. I may even have cheered a few times …

I would love to read a sequel with a family reunion. Maybe a Thanksgiving dinner in Maine?

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