The Gin Club


Luca Heywood has a few problems: a gifted son flunking ninth grade, an aging dad spreading an STD, a turkey vulture terrorizing his ex-wife, and a family farm struggling to survive. His plan? Turn the old tobacco barn into a gin distillery.

But he’ll need help from a band of unlikely heroes, including a brilliant software developer who finds peace in breaking speed limits, and an actor turned camp counselor--despite a face worth $350,000 dollars for a one-minute commercial. Together, they’ll put southern gin on the map…and maybe save Luca’s farm and family.


How did I research Luca's passion for handcrafting southern gin? By foraging in the forest with the Piedmont Picnic Project (I ate Carolina juniper berries for supper), interviewing local distillers and farmers, and touring historic tobacco barns. The gin tasting, of course, was exhausting.