And All We Are

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Professor Faye Isley Merritt, former renowned neuroscientist at Duke University, torched her world when prescription opioids turned into heroin. Now she’s determined to ace recovery, save her marriage, salvage her career, and earn her daughter’s forgiveness. Easy for a diehard overachiever, right?

Wrong, according to 17-year-old Calla. She wants to be anywhere but home this summer with the mother who turned her cheerleading debut into a YouTube humiliation. Until … her dad introduces her to his seriously hot intern, a college senior who’s out of her league but showers her with gifts and attention. Is meeting him destiny or once-in-a-lifetime love?

Everyone admires the young couple. Everyone except Faye. Her mom hackles sense manipulation in Calla’s sexy new style and growing isolation from old friends, but who believes an addict? Rising concern leads to conflict with her husband and a last-ditch solution: a fragile alliance with her hippie, journalist mother—who still enjoys the occasional toke and torrid affair—and the country-club mother-in-law who never leaves home without her demented chihuahua.

When the women realize Calla is in real danger, they will do anything to save her, but can they overcome past mistakes and grievances to forge new relationships built on trust and honesty? Can each offer and accept forgiveness?